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We produce and stock a wide variety of raw New England honey. Samples are available at our South Deerfield Farm. Call or email for shipping information and availability.

Honey is one of the earth's most perfect foods. Our bees produce three distinct wild flower crops each season. New England's rich floral varieties include locust, basswood, raspberry, and goldenrods. We carefully warm our honey and filter it to preserve the delicate aroma and healthy enzymes that can be destroyed by commercial processing (less than 100 degrees F - consistent with the ambient temperature of the hive). We also sell honey in the comb, or as a creamed spread.
  Summer Wild Flower
Light in color. One of the best New England honeys. Harvested early July..
Item Number Jar Type Size Price Ea.  
HYsw001g Glass 8 oz. $5.25
HYsw002g Glass 16 oz. $8.25
HYsw003g Glass 32 oz. $15.50
HYswf005g Plastic 12 lb. $65.00
  Apple Blossom
Light amber with a fruit flavor. Perfect for teas or toast.
Item Number Jar Type Size Price Ea.  
HYap001g Glass 8 oz. $5.50
HYap002g Glass 16 oz. $8.75
HYap003g Glass 32 oz. $16.50
HYap005g Plastic 12 lb. $75.00
  American Basswood
Amber, excellent taste. Harvested late June to early July.
Item Number Jar Type Size Price Ea.  
HYab001g Glass 8 oz. $5.50
HYab002g Glass 16 oz. $8.75
HYab003g Glass 32 oz. $16.50
HYab005g Plastic 12 lb. $75.00
  Raspberry Blossom
Raspberry is a local favorite. Dark with excellent flavor.
Item Number Jar Type Size Price Ea.  
HYra001g Glass 8 oz. $5.50
HYra002g Glass 16 oz. $8.75
HYra003g Glass 32 oz. $16.50
HYra005g Plastic 12 lb. $75.00
  New York Buckwheat
Produced in New York. Considered one of the top 10 medicinal honeys.
Item Number Jar Type Size Price Ea.  
HYbw001g Glass 8 oz. $5.75
HYbw002g Glass 16 oz. $9.25
HYbw003g Glass 32 oz. $17.50
HYbw005g Plastic 12 lb. $79.00
  Deerfield Wildflower
Medium Amber. One of our best tasting honeys. A blend of flower nectars from late June through mid-August. This honey won a blue ribbon at the 2004 Massachusetts Beekeepers fall meeting.
Item Number Jar Type Size Price Ea.  
HYdwf001g Glass 8 oz. $5.25
HYdwf002g Glass 16 oz. $8.25
HYdwf003g Glass 32 oz. $15.50
HYdwf005g Plastic 12 lb. $65.00
Golden amber. Excellent flavor.
Item Number Jar Type Size Price Ea.  
HYgo001g Glass 8 oz. $5.50
HYgo002g Glass 16 oz. $8.75
HYgo003g Glass 32 oz. $16.50
HYgo005g Plastic 12 lb. $75.00
* We sell in 60lb buckets and by the case. Contact Us for a quote.
Case Quantities are as follows:
8 oz. - 24 qty.
16 oz. - 24 qty.
32 oz. - 12 qty.
5 lb. - 6 qty.
5 gal. - 60 lbs.

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