The following businesses and institutions sell & use our honey. These are businesses that support local agriculture. Buying from local farms and businesses is the best way to keep those enterprises profitable and guarantee they continue to provide future products.

Warm Colors honey and products can be purchased directly from our apiary on open days: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10AM-5PM. Call in advance for open hours @ 413-665-4513 – our message will have up to date information.

Daylilies – South Deerfield, MA. – Wildflower honeys.

       Food City – Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA. – Wildflower honeys.

Fosters Market – Greenfield, MA. – Wildflower honeys.

Flayvors of Cook’s Farm – Hadley, MA. – Wildflower honeys.

Greenfields Market – Greenfield, MA. – Wildflower honeys.

The Herbarium – Chicopee, MA.

Native Views – Shelburne Falls, MA.

River Valley Market – Northampton, MA. – Sell all WCA honey varieties.

Atkins Market – Amherst, MA. – Sell WCA Apple & Raspberry blossom honey.

Cushman’s Market – Amherst, MA. – Wildflower

Outlook Farm – Westhampton, MA. – Wildflower

McCusker’s Market – Buckland, MA. – Wildflower

Seasonal Farm Stands & CSAs:

Clarkdale Orchards – Greenfield, MA. – Apple & Wildflower

Natural Roots – Conway, MA. – Wildflower

       Simple Gifts Farm – Amherst, MA. – Wildflower, Raspberry, Apple, Buckwheat


Blue Heron Restaurant – Sunderland , MA.

Hope & Olive – Greenfield, MA.

Magpies – Greenfield, MA.

Greenfield’s Coffee – Greenfield, MA.

      Hearty Eats, Shelburne Falls, MA.

Colleges & Universities:

Amherst College – Amherst MA.

Mount Holyoke College – Hadley, MA.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

Producers of products:

Leyden House – Leyden, MA. – lipcreme & products.

Artisan Beveridge, Greenfield, MA. – mead (honey wine).

Flayvors of Cook’s Farm, Hadley, MA. – honey ice cream.

Just Soap, Ashfield, MA. – Honey soap.