Fall & Winter Management: August 16th, 2020 1:00-3:30 PM


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The final exam for beekeepers is preparing hives for winter. This begins in early fall when there is still time to correct problems. Queen evaluation, feeding and winter food reserves, lack of mites and disease will be explained. Wrapping & insulating hives, location, and equipment will be discussed. Bring protective clothing for bee yard. Handout included.

  • What does a healthy hive look like?
  • Queen, worker population, food reserves and size of colony.
  • Varroa mites & Nosema disease key factors in wintering colonies.
  • Thermoregulation in the hive – masters of temperature control.
  • External conditions – fencing, wind breaks, sunshine, wrapping & insulating hives.

Cost: Program & Handouts $40.