Installing package bees & Nucs – April 27 & 28, May 17 & 24 2020, 1:00-2:00 PM


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(Appropriate for all beekeepers.)

Dates are subject to change as we provide demonstrations when we hand out package bees. We show how to care for your caged bees or 5-frame Nucs, and best methods for introducing the queen. This is a free workshop that we offer to first-time beekeepers, or those needing a refresher on the care & feeding of their new colony. Weather conditions can vary from warm and sunny to wet and cold. We have successfully installed bees in snowstorms. This is where we adapt the installation procedures to the conditions nature hands us. Cost: FREE

  • Picking the best package – questions to ask.
  • Checking the Queen – requirements of an excellent queen.
  • Setting up the new hive – be ready for your bees.
  • Introducing a Queen – steps & checks for Queen acceptance.
  • Installing the package bees – depends on the weather.
  • Feeding – feeders, how much, and how long?
  • Care for Nucs – tricks of the trade.

Cost: FREE