Spring & Summer Management – June 14, 2020 1:00-3:30 PM


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(Appropriate for beginners and review for experienced beekeepers.)

A review of spring tasks, including hive evaluation, feeding and prevention of disease. Honey production, swarm prevention and early activities commonly performed during spring and summer. Bring protective clothing for bee yard demonstrations. Handouts included.

  • How to grow your colony – proper feeding, adding space, Queen performance.
  • Conducting a proper inspection – importance of recordkeeping and researching tasks.
  • Mite sampling, importance of early detection of disease, honey bee defenses.
  • Swarm prevention & control.
  • Making colony “splits” and Nucs for apiary expansion.
  • Increasing honey production – knowing the plants that produce the nectar flows, honey supering techniques, when to extract the honey harvest.

Cost: Program & Handouts $35.