Starting in Beekeeping #1 March 21, 2021, 6:00-7:30 PM


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(Appropriatefor beginning beekeepers)

This class designed for new beekeepers. We focus on the basic tasks used in managing a first, and second year, honeybee colony. Enrollment in this class gives the new beekeeper access to all our workshops. This session reviews what you will need to get started, and introduces you to the behaviors and biology of the honey bee essential for successful apiary management.

  • Equipment & tools used in beekeeping.
  • Picking a location – requirements & apiary laws.
  • Ordering bees – races, package bees and Nuc colonies.
  • Behavior – foraging, annual population cycle, swarming and communication.
  • Biology – Honey bees are the swiss army knife of the pollinators
  • Distribute textbooks, DVD, bee and equipment ordering information

Cost: Complete Course, textbook, handouts & all workshops $250.