Starting in Beekeeping #2 April 19, 2020 1:00 – 3:30PM


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(For beginning beekeepers.)

This session reviews the monthly tasks, and bee colony dynamics the beekeeper must understand to manage a colony. We will discuss beekeeper tasks, actions to correct problems, and complete the beekeeper’s checklist.

  • Month by month activity list.
  • Inspections – what do you look for, how do you respond?
  • The big three – Queen, worker population and honey & pollen reserves.
  • Predicting the hives future – comb evaluation, calculating growth, diagnosing stress in the colony.
  • Building a personal management system – information useful for local decision making. Recordkeeping & knowledge based planning.

Cost: Program only $35.

(this workshop is included in complete Starting in Beekeeping class)