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Russian Nuc Order Form 2024

“Practicing the Art of Beekeeping”

Nuc includes five deep frames, laying RHBA – Russian queen, brood, and honey. Extra Queens will be available on pickup days. @ $40.

Thank you for ordering from Warm Colors Apiary – Dan Conlon, 2 South Mill River Rd. South Deerfield, MA. 01373. 413-665-4513, warmcolors@verizon.net, www.warmcolorsapiary.com

Please mail this form with your check or Money order. I am no longer using PayPal for payment (no credit cards). Pickup days are scheduled for the last week in April or the first week in May. Dates are subject to change – you will be notified when dates are confirmed.

Description                         Number of Nucs or Queens EachTotal amount
Nuc of Russian Bees with RHBA Russian Queen (included in Nuc)                           X$250.00
   Extra RHBA Russian Queen(s)   $40.  
Discount for 6 + Nucs – take $5.00 off for each Nuc ordered.     Number of Nucs X $5.00 = Total discount    Discount
   total Enclosed
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Full payment is required with the order. (Cash or Check) No credit cards.   Orders canceled before the end of March 2024 will be fully refunded.